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Bookkeeping and Accounting


Are both these terms similar? Well, let us simplify this for you to understand in details about Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Accounting as a profession is considered to be an integral function of any organization. Despite an undeniable fact which is the main aspect that contributes to this is the practice of bookkeeping.

As compared to bookkeeping, accounting covers a wider scope which refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, summarizing and reporting on transactions and other financial activities.

Accounting provides reviews of financial reports and performance that helps the business owners to keep track on the performance and overall success rate of the business.

In simple words, bookkeeping is just a part whereas accounting is an entire process. A strong link between the two is necessary to contribute to the success of your business.

Concluding Statement :-

Unorganized cash and accounts can be an overload at the last moment and affect the decision-making process.

Thus, to run any business you have to be knowledgeable about the importance of accounting and bookkeeping. This shall definitely help you be more confident in your approach and your business goals.