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Portfolio Management Services


Understanding the Basics of Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services is also known as PMS, this is an investment management service managed by a professional portfolio manager. A Portfolio Manger is equipped with knowledge and skills to carry out the investment decision for you.

An investment portfolio can be diversified into stocks, fixed income, other structured products and securities. Unlike mutual funds, when you invest in PMS, you own individual securities. PMS offers potentially structured and tailored solutions to meet specific investment objectives based on the risks, best return and the goals of the investor.

Types of Portfolio Management Services

  • Discretionary – With this service, portfolio manager is given the flexibility to make decisions for the investor. The manager considers and plans the investment decisions, time frame, risk and goals.
  • Non Discretionary – With this service, the portfolio manager can provide suggestions and investment ideas but the only decisions will be made and given by the investor; according to which the manager will perform the requested action.
  • Advisory – With this service, the portfolio manager shall only provide suggestions and investment ideas but the decision and execution are both taken solely by the Investor.

Like other investment, PMS also carries some risk factor; although, this investment comes with various advantages and benefits. Learn more from our professionals.