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general Insurance

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General insurance is simply an insurance of yourself and your assets. That includes your financial assets as well. To be able to better protect yourself and your valuables during high risk financial impacts such as natural calamities, thefts, travel mishaps, fire, etc. Having an insurance can save you from all those unexpected colossal damages to your assets or property.

It can cover your finances in the case of loss of an asset. Even in case of a contingency, you face a big financial loss, or you need help to cover your legal fees. The loss covered in the plan can be compensated through our insurance policies.

So you can rest assured that all your financial savings and assets are protected during emergency situations. We have different general insurance plans, shown below, which are carefully designed to cover specific risks and losses.


There’s a misconception, especially among small businesses that they don’t need product liability insurance.


Professional indemnity is a type of business insurance. Typically for organizations and businesses that provides consultations

Cyber Liability

Cyber-crime is a massive threat and is often overlooked by many companies. No matter how big or small a business is


Large scale advertisement has become an integral part of business and trading. And companies spend thousands

Group Personal

A group personal accident insurance protects its members from a startling event. Most commonly used by large businesses

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers are the key managerial persons of a corporation. Playing a crucial role in the corporate governance of a company


Creating a safety net to manage subsequent financial risks and defaults is the best way to expand a business. Credit insurance policies


In simple words, property insurance policies provide primary protection to safeguard your real estate assets from risks such as theft, perils, fire, etc


Transporting goods through marine cargo is a long, complicated and a risky process. Depending largely on both man-made and natural situations


Providing a safe and healthy working environment is one of the key responsibilities of a company. And with the given world situations


The primary use of this insurance policy is providing financial protection to all road vehicles insured in the contract. Having such kind of protection