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Group Personal Accident


A group personal accident insurance protects its members from a startling event. Most commonly used by large businesses and organizations.

In our overly competitive business game, every business needs to be prepared for the unexpected. And not just in your work space, but also for the employees and board members. Because honestly, no one can afford losing a valued member of the team.

And in such a modern era, everyone is exposed to fortuitous accidents on a normal day to day life. A group personal accident insurance covers your massive med-care bills associated with accidents. In cases of sudden death due to the accident, a total of 100% insurance sum is insured to the nominee on the deed.

But with such brutal accidents, some can face temporary to permanent disability. Which brings a colossal financial crisis to the sufferer and their family. And if the sufferer is the breadwinner of the family, the situation can get even more troublesome.

In order to cater to such cases and needs, it is the smartest move to enroll in a group personal accident insurance policy. With our comprehensive insurance plans, we provide you with multiple benefits and a huge peace of mind to you and your loved ones.